Serving the Children of the World
Howard Parr, Executive Director, Akron Civic Theatre

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Sharon Harms, The William R. Hams Legacy Foundation
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Sharon R. Harms, Executive Director, The William R Harms Legacy Foundation comes...

Josh McManus, Knight Foundation, "Moving Forward with History in Hand."
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Josh McManus joined Knight Foundation in July 2014.

Prior to joining Knight,...


We are unified in our belief that children and our community benefit from the efforts of caring and involved individuals.  Does this describe you?



The Kiwanis Club of Akron Welcomes You!

Chartered in 1916 as the 6th Kiwanis Club in the world, Kiwanis Club of Akron has met continuously for over 95 years.

Membership over the years and today includes local men and women who enjoy service and community involvement and includes mayors, judges, legislators, professionals and business and service agency leaders, active retirees and community leaders.

Speakers at Akron Roundtable and our regular meetings keep members informed on cultural, political, business and social issues.

We meet the First Thursdays of the month at Portage Country Club, 204 N. Portage Path, Akron, OH, at 12 noon and again on third Thursdays for Akron Roundtable at the Quaker Station at the Quaker Inn in Akron.  Kiwanis is one of three founders of Akron Roundtable and it is our second regularly scheduled meeting each month.


2014-2015 Officers

Larry Becker, Club President
Stephanie York, President–Elect, Program Chair
OPEN POSITION, 1st Vice President, Membership Chair
Don Pavlik, Treasurer
Laura Brelin, Secretary
Olivia Wakeling, Past Club President
& Foundation President


Board of Directors

Class of 2014:
Mike Coudriet
Randy Martin

Class of 2015:
Howard Tolley
Ron Mitchell

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Kiwanis International, 3636 Woodview Trace, P. O. Box 80107, Indianapolis, IN 46268-3196
Akron, OH 44308